End of Life Planning 


Today, funeral homes get pre-need leads from two sources: direct mail and after care programs. Direct mail is getting more expense and less effective (i.e. lower response rates). Legacy can help funeral homes grow by encouraging consumers to pre-plan & help funeral homes be the ”first call” when someone dies.




EOL Forms Phones.png
  1. Leverage touch points to better understand the pre-need consumer

  2. Engage consumers with unique content to collect user data

  3. Explore opportunities to monetize consumer engagement while building the funeral home network

  4. Scale lead collection to high-value user paths based on learning





Heatmap Analysis




Established a lead collection processes using phone and online forms within our existing funeral home online directory and conduct user research using call recordings to identify and report on qualified leads.

Release a new ”premium” profile page with an improved value proposition for funeral homes with an integrated rating and review platform and unique content, including comparison attributes, which will grow organic traffic to Legacy’s profile pages.



Planning Landing Page

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Planning Questionnaire

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Funeral Home Results

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Funeral Home Profile Page

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