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During the summer of 2018, the ObitWriter Product team decided to expand their user feedback efforts beyond surveys and unmoderated testing by connecting one-on-one with early adopters of the original ObitWriter tool.




Along with a multidisciplinary team, I have worked on a series of qualitative research activities, including exploratory, contextual interviews, rapid prototyping sketch sessions and iterative prototype validation.

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Rapid Analysis

A “Rainbow Report” format was used to quickly extract recurring themes and visualize patterns in users feedback

This analysis method allowed for a quick turnaround of results from hours of user feedback video, which in turn supported rapid iteration of the prototypes reviewed



Exploratory Interviews


14 initial “day in the life” interviews were conducted with ObitWriter users via web-conferences in late August

The interviews focused on their end-to-end context, not just their product experience, and included feedback about timeframes, arrangements, state of mind, and memorialization goals

Themes from these initial interviews were used to prioritize problem/opportunity statements to guide early concept validation



Iterative Prototype Validation

Interactive prototypes were created to address selected problem statements in a variety of ways

Small sample sets of 6-8 users participated in 1:1, hands-on, task-based sessions where they interacted directly with prototype features and content

After an initial round, the team reviewed feedback, rapidly iterated changes and reviewed with a second set of recent users.



Behavioral Spectrums



Results (ongoing)